I Know Who You Are, Saw What You Did and Know What You’re Planning…

Researchers examined 500 million tweets (that’s right a whole day’s worth for Justin Bieber) to develop algorithms with the power to predict behavior–hours in advance.

  1. A standard social media post includes when you posted, who you’re with, where you are, etc.
  2. Algorithms applied to social media data may allow researchers to predict what you are planning next—even before you do it.


There’s always been a fine line between solid, preparatory relational research and being downright creepy but that won’t stop the steady drumbeat of capitalism! Many companies are exploring new ways to capitalize on your social media habits.

  • Data from your toll-way EZ-pass may help predict when and where you’ll be parking your car – or at least the managers of the New York State Thruway think so.
  • Xerox is also working to apply the concept to call center service…“What if you called a help line and they knew why you’d called before you said a word?”

Oh… And don’t even think about that thing – the thing you haven’t thought of yet – the thing you shouldn’t do – because someone, somewhere, may already know what you’ll have in mind…


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Source: http://discovere.binghamton.edu/features/tweets-5853.html

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