I-80 Exchange

Who We Are

The I80 Exchange (I80X) is an exclusive social and business community, comprised of some of Iowa’s most successful business, entrepreneurial and civic leaders. Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan, under the auspices of the Relational Sciences Institute – a think tank focused on harnessing the power of human relationships to spur personal and professional performance— I80X is apolitical, private and social.


An elite mix of business leaders, visionaries and innovators, the 180X seeks to promote social bonds, mutually leverage experience and networks to foster social and economic progress in the greater Iowa region. Local community members meet regularly to exchange experiences, ideas and challenges in an engaging roundtable discussion. Meetings take place in a private dinner setting, hosted on a rotating basis by the members. Modeled on the mutual support for mutual success philosophy, advanced by such successful groups as the Global50 and Vistage, I80X is positioned to support the continued success of its members.


The objective of the I-80 Exchange is to build a network of influential business leaders across Iowa that meet in a private, off-the-record setting to solve business, professional and civic challenges and create real growth opportunities for their communities, organizations and personal careers.

Members are:

  • Well established in their communities and careers or have been identified as a high-potential leader of the future,
  • Highly regarded, both in their own areas of specialization and represent a wide range of sectors, political views, professional experiences and or intellectual achievement,
  • Executives who hold positions of significant responsibility – attained through individual merit – in organizations that materially contribute to the economic and social advancement of Iowa communities,
  • Entrepreneurs who believe that, in addition to generating profits, their business strategies must also be directed toward the enhancement of social and economic opportunities for all,
  • Leaders who occupy or have previously held key government positions and remain committed to the development of their communities.


  • Is by INVITATION only,
  • Nomination for membership must be made by an existing member,
  • Member nomination grants the nominee provisional membership
  • Permanent membership is subject to ratification by a 2/3 vote of the members at-large,
  • There are no set fees or annual dues. However, I80X members may, from time-to-time undertake worthy projects and elect, as a group, to underwrite such activities,
  • To maintain membership in good standing, members must attend at least two of the four quarterly dinners held in their chapter each year or as a guest of another chapter.

The I-80 Exchange is currently forming chapters in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Dallas and Charlotte.



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