def. the art and science of maximizing strategic performance

The driving passion of the Relational Research Institute is to quantify the impacts of human interactions in the workplace – to understand the impacts of interpersonal communication on organizational health and team performance and individual career achievement.

Leaders have long made claim to the notion that people are the most valuable asset of any organization and then undertook the process of quantifying every imaginable aspect of workplace performance with the exception of how people – the most important assets – innovate, collaborate and co-create with one another, customers and partners.

The OptimetricsTM platform provides the first tool to dynamically monitor, measure and visually depict the relational aspects of strategic execution – in real time. Optimetrics outputs not only quantify the development of relationships critical to strategic success, but does so visually! Organizational leaders can actually SEE, MEASURE and MANAGE strategic execution as it happens.

People Connected Performance