Products & Services

The J. Alan Group portfolio offers a wide range of field-proven products and services, all designed to increase collaboration and innovation, drive revenue and turn your strategic vision into reality.

  • Sales, Marketing & Alliance Training
  • Speaking & Event Integration
  • Strategic Execution Readiness Assessments
  • Team Transformations
  • Thought Leadership & Community Building
  • Advisory Services (New Venture and Start-up)

Sales, Marketing & Alliance Training

Leveraging decades of experience working with many of the world’s top brands, JAG provides a robust combination of expertise, experience and passion to enable sales, marketing and alliance organizations to create opportunity, drive revenue and achieve unprecedented success.

JAG’s approach differs fundamentally from traditional offerings in terms of perspective, application and integration.

Unique Perspective

The strategic planning process of old was an exercise transforming an undesirable current state into a desirable future state by identifying a series of tasks. JAG employs a much more practical, tactical and flexible strategic approach that focuses first on the desired future state and then asks, not what needs to be done but “Who are the people most critical to our success and how can we engage with and rapidly accelerate the development of deep meaningful relationships with them?”

Customized Application

Breaking from a long held reliance on classroom style training, ridged dogmatic structures and a vocabulary, JAG works with clients to create customized programs that fit the way you work. Combining in-person strategic development sessions, non-linear online resources, virtual group discussions with one-on-one coaching, the J. Alan approach will help you build a sustainable sales, marketing and alliance capability that reflects the way you work.

Three-tiered Integration

JAG believes that a modern sales, marketing and alliance capability requires both cross-functional and tools and practices integration.

Cross Functional Integration

The JAG approach involves each of three functions (sales, marketing and alliance) in the construction of the sales strategy and clearly identifies who is specifically accountable for part of the execution plan.

Tools & Practices Integration

To become or remain competitive, sales, marketing and alliance organization must integrate three distinct sales enablement elements: informational, operational and people planning tools and processes.

Moving from low-margin, high-churn transactional selling to high-margin, low-churn solution selling requires a robust CRM system (informational), a standardized method of operationalizing your sales approach (operational) and the means to turn information and operational plans into action  (people planning).

Speaking & Event Integration

JAG fully integrates your strategic themes and messaging into keynote presentations, breakouts and small group talks that will engage, motivate and inspire the actions and behaviors you need to achieve your strategic vision.

Convention, conferences and off-site gatherings can and should be an integrated component of your strategic execution process. JAG event integration services helps organizers enhance event experiences and engage and involve participants in meaningful and empowering ways.

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Strategic Execution Readiness Assessment (SERA)

Are you market ready?

JAG’s strategic execution readiness assessments ensure that you have the capabilities, people, alignment and incentives in place to achieve your sales, marketing and alliances objectives.

Phase 1— What specific and measurable outcomes must each function contribute to achieve your strategic vision?

SERA is a proprietary assessment process that transforms your strategic vision into function-specific objectives, ensuring that each functional area is aware and accountable for specific performance contributions.

Phase 2 — Are Sales, Marketing and Alliance functions capable of delivering your strategic vision?

SERA conducts a complete  appraisal of your sales, marketing and alliance capabilities: structure, people, alignment and incentives.

Phase 3 — Are we ready?

SERA provides a comprehensive gap analysis to bridge the gap between what you hope to achieve tomorrow and what you are structured and capable of achieving today: documenting the adjustments necessary to ensure you have the right people in the right places, doing the right job with the right tools and support.

Team Transformations

Nowhere is the impact of human interaction more critical to success than the team environment. JAG works with executive leadership, functional, cross-functional and inter-firm teams to eliminate the barriers that hold teams back.

Leveraging a combination of Ferrazzi Greenlight’s High Impact Teams methodology with J. Alan Group’s unique insights and intellectual property, JAG will help you unlock the true potential of your team.

Thought Leadership & Community Building

The best companies in the world don’t just have great products and services,  partners and channels and brand awareness. The best companies in the world purposefully identify and curate communities of interest.

Community development projects are as unique as the organizations that create them, a plain canvas of possibility that spans the spectrum from social gatherings and advisory, to loose associations and formal cooperatives.

Central to the work of the J. Alan Group is the notion that what fills the gap between great strategy and strategic success is people — connections that take the impossible and make it possible.

JAG offers decades of experience in the development of thought leadership and community building projects including:

  • White paper research, development and co-creation,
  • Book development and publishing,
  • Social community identification, recruitment, event management and facilitation.

All the J. Alan Group’s Thought Leadership and Community Development programs focus on creating unique, meaningful and mutual beneficial ways for the people in your organization to engage with the people most critical to your success.

Advisory Services (New Venture and Start-up)

Utilizing a wealth of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world, the J. Alan Group offers a highly-focused suite of advisory services to assist new ventures and start-ups in developing market-ready sales, marketing and alliance partner infrastructures. In addition, JAG provides support for developing boards, obtaining critical expertise and advisement and securing investment.

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